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Steal the strategies smart ladies use to quickly suss out the online fakesters and married frauds.

Online Dating Landmines is perfect if you:  

- are encountering one soul-sucking prospective date after another (I’ll show you how to figure out who they are - FAST! -so you can spend your valuable time with real potential suitors)

- want to find available men online in your need to wonder if your next date is cheating on his SO

- don't have any time to waste. You're tired of conversations that go nowhere and men that no-show dates. You're beyond ready to find the one!

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Here's what you'll find inside the book:

  • What to say in your dialog to confirm he's fake (p. 10)

  • Why your well-meaning friends can't really help (p. 13)

  • How scammers keep on relieving gullible singles of their money (p. 19)

  • What percentage of men on dating sites are already in a committed relationship (Whoa!) (p. 26)

  • Giveaway clues married men put in their profiles (p. 31)

  • How to protect yourself if you arrange to meet up (p. 34)

  • Further reading to ensure your safety with unknown men (p. 40)

  • Who else to watch for in the online dating world: neggers, love bombers, etc. (p.44)

...and so much more!

I'm Margaret Hayes, professional researcher, writer, and former teacher. I'm with my second husband (we've been together almost 25 years), but it was no easy feat getting here. I am so sad at seeing my single gal friends and acquaintances give up the chance for love thanks to the jerks they encounter on the dating apps. I wrote this book with them, and you, in mind, so you can dispense with the a-holes once and for all and effectively find the love you deserve.

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